Adult Ministries

We want to develop our faith and grow in our walk with Christ. One way we do this is through small-group studies. We offer studies and small groups on Sunday mornings and during the week.


Sunday School

Grab a cup of coffee at Holy Grounds Coffeehouse and join a Sunday-school class. All groups welcome newcomers!  Email Rev. Kim Dickerson-Oard for class time, location and more information.

Young adults: This class, geared specifically to young adults, returns in January. All young adults are invited to attend.

9:45 a.m. Sunday-school classes

  • Family Life: Covenant Rm 120.  Contact: John and Janice Buselt at janicebuselt@cox.net.  Class meets Sunday, Sept. 8 to plan their fall curriculum. 

  • Connections: Conference Rm 135. This fall, this class will study, “Reckless Love: Jesus’ Call to Love Your Neighbor,” as well as “Solve: Finding God’s Solutions in a World of Problems.” Contact: Nina Gunter at ninagram@cox.net.

11:00 a.m. Sunday-school class

  • Faith Matters: Dining Rm 150.  Contact: Eric Strickler at eric@estrickler.com.  This fall, the class will use the scripture from that day’s worship and move forward learning how John Wesley would suggest that it can transform your life. 

Small Groups and Studies

East Heights frequently offers opportunities for you to share time with others, learning and talking about your faith.  Email Rev. Kim Dickerson-Oard for class time, location and more information.

SOLVE bible study.jpg

Solve: Finding God’s Solutions in a World of Problems, Wednesday Night, Starts September 11, 6:15-7:30pm

Led by Pastor Steve Spencer

Many people are good at pointing out problems. What if God’s people were among the few who are good at finding solutions? How would our world and our lives be different? This five-week study by pastor Talbot Davis focuses on the person of Nehemiah in the Bible, who faced the difficult work of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem after his people returned from exile. Confronted with this complicated task and the many dilemmas that came with it, Nehemiah chose not to dwell on his problems or to pursue his own answers. Instead, he sought God’s solutions, following God’s lead and trusting God’s purposes. God’s people today are called to do the same. In each chapter, we’ll discover how Nehemiah’s experiences mirror the problems we face, as individuals and as a society. As you read this book, you will hear God’s call to be someone who finds solutions. You will see how you can follow in Nehemiah’s footsteps, building up your life and the world around you. You will be challenged not to focus on problems, but to seek God’s solutions and how you can help bring them about. Cost of the book is $10.

Discerning the Voice of God bible study.jpeg

Discerning the Voice of God, Wednesday Night Women’s Group, Starts September 11, 6:30pm,

Led by Janet Jacobsen 

God so loves you that He sent Jesus to die in your place.  He desires a personal relationship in which He speaks directly to you.  Have you spent most of your Christian life leaning on these beliefs without really experiencing them?  No blessing surpasses a relationship with God in which you know when He is specifically calling to you.  The more intimate your relationship with Him, the clearer God’s voice becomes.  In this study by Priscilla Shirer, you will become more familiar with God’s Holy Spirit, His character and language.  Cost of the book is $16.

Which way Lord.jpg

Which Way Lord?: Exploring Your Life’s Purpose in the Journeys of Paul,” Monday Night Bible Study, Starts September 9, 6:30pm,

Led by Scott and Paige Nelson

As Christians, we hunger to know and live out God's purposes for our lives, but how do we know for certain that our choices are moving us in the right direction?  This study will help you understand God's desire for your life by unpacking your experiences alongside those of the apostle Paul.  Discover how to discern and follow God's leading, explore ways God can use you and your life experience, respond to God's signals, endure hardships and doubts, and persevere with hope and faith. Join us in traveling together to find your purpose.  Cost of the book is $9.


Family Enrichment

Elevate: Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 9am – 5 pm

Elevate is a couples’ education curriculum that blends practical skills with an understanding of the physiology of human interaction to enhance healthy relationship knowledge and skills.  Learn powerful and effective relationship skills to increase positive communication.  Manage stress.  Deal with differences.  Maintain a happy and healthy friendship bond with your partner.  Cost is $12.65/couple and includes all necessary materials.  Sign up at https://elevateeastheights.eventbrite.com.  This class will be led by Friends University Marriage and Family Counseling students.



Family Enrichment

The Whole Brain Child Workshop: September 21st and 28th, 8am-12pm each day. 

This workshop is for parents, caregivers, grandparents, teachers, and child-care workers that would like to gain skills to help the children in their lives build better emotional regulation skills, increase positive communication, healthy attachment, and relationship skills. The curriculum covers parenting techniques based upon the book, The Whole Brain Child by Dr. Daniel Siegel.  Children are encouraged to attend. The children will be in their own classroom learning skills to help manage emotions in a healthy manner.  Register at https://eastheightswbc.eventbrite.com.

Watch for additional studies!

Register for classes at www.ehumc.org or on sign-up sheets around the church.  Contact Pastor Kim (kim@ehumc.org) with questions.